Loving God and Loving People

How It All Started

We are a family friendly church that was born from a vision delivered to God’s servant, Pastor Sunny Adeniyi in a 10 hour encounter with God between September 13 and 15, 2016. The name of the commission and it’s vision were delivered to him during this encounter, with definite instructions to meet three of God’s Generals prior to the commencement of the ministry. True to God’s words, the meetings with the Generals were made possible at short notice between November 7 and 15, 2016 to the glory of God. God told Pastor Sunny that this was the next phase of his ministry assignment that brought him to the “Place of the mountains”. Our focus in ministry is to deepen the covenant walk of God’s people through effective Men’s and Women’s Ministries; vibrant Men’s and Women’s Fellowships; dogged commitment to a daily prayer chain with every member belonging to at least one group; purposeful Youth Ministry and Bubbly Children Ministry. These programs are geared to provoke the giant gene in every Joyful Celebrant. Pastor Sunny is an anointed Teacher of the word of God with attendant proofs. He is married to Fola Adeniyi who is an anointed Prophetess. They are richly blessed with highly impactful ministry gifts which powerfully complement each other.

Pillars Of The Commission