And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.

Jeremiah 3 : 15


Meet Our Pastors

Our Pastors have between them over seventy-four years of deep personal experience of walking with the Lord, bearing fruits of the Spirit and being filled with the Holy Ghost. They are deeply blessed with complementary gifts of the Holy Spirit that provide divine access to God’s agenda for every season. You can tap into this wealth of Spiritual experiences and be a beneficiary of knowledge and understanding according to Jeremiah 3:15(KJV), “And I will give you Pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.”

Sunny Adeniyi

Lead Pastor / Co-Founder
Pastor Sunny is a man of great faith, filled with the Holy Spirit, a dynamic Teacher and Pastor, with an Apostolic calling. He co-founded Joy Overflow International Church Calgary with Pastor Fola Sunny-Adeniyi, his beloved wife. He is gifted with almost all the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. A Chartered Professional Accountant-called Preacher of Righteousness and the host of a daily devotional titled ”Power To Triumph” that airs on YouTube and Facebook daily and reaches thousands every week.

Fola Sunny-Adeniyi

Pastor / Co-Founder
Pastor Fola Sunny-Adeniyi, the beloved wife of Pastor Sunny Adeniyi, studied computer science in college for her first degree and also obtained a diploma in Graphic designs from the university of Calgary. Called of God as a Prophet to the Nations; she co-founded Joy Overflow International Church Calgary and co-pastors the church with her beloved husband. She is also called of God to lead women in discovering their purpose. She is the founder of “Total Women’s Conference”, an annual gathering of women from all walks of life, fulfilling their calling and purpose in Christ as ministers, pastors, wives, mothers, businesswomen. They are yet taking the forefront in heralding the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and drawing in a massive harvest of souls into the Kingdom of God. Shortly before God's call into full time ministry, she founded a construction company named Havilah Designs and Developments inc, handling projects like basement developments, commercial and residential buildings. She became very successful and well known especially in Alberta Province.

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