But Jesus answered them, “My Father is working until now, and I am working.”

John 5:17


We’d love for you to join us this Sunday



Welcomes guests and worshippers and directs them to their seats.


Takes care of worshippers and guests of the church. They plan, organize, direct and control available resources.


Hosts Prayer Meetings on behalf of Church members


Organizes outreaches for the church

Car Park

Helps worshippers and guests park their vehicles properly in the church’s parking lot

Children′s Ministry

Nurtures the church’s organic growth by building up the faith of its children. Through exciting learning aids, it helps the children appreciate deep biblical truths about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit


 Picks and drops off church members and guests who need transportation support to attend church.


 Ensures that the church’s services and programs are broadcast globally through social media platforms. Also ensures consistency in the church’s brand identity across all public engagement platforms.


Provides pastoral support


Employs highly evocative and dramatic stage performances to proclaim the will of God

Follow Up

Keeps in touch with converts newly won through evangelism.

Teenage Ministry

Helps teenagers to grow in the Lord and develop as believers.

Music / Choir

Leads high worship of our Lord God Almighty through songs and music.

Church Facility Management

Is responsible for the security, maintenance and services of
facilities to ensure that they serve the needs of the church.

Tabernacle Keepers

Is the church’s sanitation unit. They clean the church ahead and after each

Young Adults

Helps youths to grow in the way of the Lord.


Offers print and audio-visual materials that edify and deepen the spiritual understanding of the Christian faith.

Mothers In Isreal

Helps new mothers in settling into their new role as mothers


They decorate  the church for special events