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The Zoom desktop client can be configured in bulk for Windows in three different ways. Use both configuration and installation MSI installers, Active Directory administrative templates that use Group Policy for configuration, or registry keys for configuration. Zoom Rooms for Windows can also be configured with Active Directory administrative templates using Group Policy or registry keys.

If you use the GPO script to install the client, use the desktop client startup script to install it. If you also want to deploy the Outlook plug-in via a GPO script, install it using a logon script. Installation with Active Directory Administrative Templates or Registry Keys , which allows administrators to lock certain features and settings during Zoom deployment.

Note : Some switches listed belowrequire the latest version of the Zoom IT installer. Settings can be configured in multiple locations. Some can only be configured by the Zoom administrator or IT administrator, while others can be configured by the end user. If there are conflicting settings, Zoom uses the following priorities:. Wait for the ongoing meeting to end before installing.

Automatic Updates: Disabled by default and does not allow users to install Zoom client updates. If automatic updates are enabled, users do not need to have administrator privileges to update when prompted. Do not create desktop shortcuts: Disable by default. Additional configuration options -ZConfig : To enable additional options, add the ZConfig parameter at the end of the installation selection.

Allows the user to change the settings. Expand the settings , but use ZRecommend instead of ZConfig to allow users to change them within the Zoom desktop client. Use both ZConfig and ZRecommend to force certain settings, but allow users to change other default settings.

Zoom a completely uninstall, the following uninstaller please use the command. You can use the following switches when running the installer:. These options are disabled by default. For more information on the policies and options available for configuration, see Available Group Policy and Templates. If you want to see the original of this article, see Mass Installation and Configuration for Windows.

All Zoom Category Go to top. Go to top. Set an account ID that restricts participation in meetings hosted by a specific account ID number. Set up a web domain for logging in or joining a meeting. When enabled, the Zoom app will display the caller name of the conference room system. Outlook In Zoom to display the contact status of, Outlook at Zoom to set the default chat, meeting, and as a phone app.

Split traffic into different ports for easy identification Video Sharing: Screen Sharing: Audio:



How to Identify and Manage Zoom In Your Environment – Chat settings


Other than using a 3rd party program or an Anti-Virus that allows blocking, does anyone zoom msi installer version – none: any way of preventing the installation of Zoom on company computers? I see a group policy that will allow me to WhiteList, but noen: drastic, and would have to zoom msi installer version – none: constantly edited when someone needs a program that is innocuous. You should whitelist only what you use, everything else should be blocked, it also helps prevent ransomware.

However, only admins should be able to install, so if you dont want 3rd party products r a while list, talk to the IT insaller and advise them not to install it. This is a good business case to push not allowing users to be local admins. You’ll definitely want to add some approved software management tool so users can get approved software you don’t force install. I liked desktop central for this pretty well, and there are a lot of other products that can offer this.

From Microsoft, it’s a bit heavy handed but SCCM is very powerful for enterprise, albeit also a pita. More modern and probably easier to grow into, Intune also supports this. I definitely recommend evaluating desktop central and Intune to see if they can zoom msi installer version – none: with this and maybe reduce some other IT headaches.

Unfortunately, many applications can install without requiring admin access. This is why things like SRP are so important. Thats where HR and top management come in. Users can install Zoom without admin access, if I am not mistaken. We are heavy instakler Zoom right now and don’t run into issues with deployment. If you set up your company with a paid account in Zoom, maybe buy a license, you may be able to control which email addresses get accounts for your domain.

If you manage to block the install, consider whether or not you should also be blocking access to Zoom when they want to join someone versipn Zoom meeting or any other zoom msi installer version – none: re-branded from Zoom. A lot of what is in zoom msi installer version – none: news is stupid user or stupid admin error with configurations. There are also issues that are Zoom’s fault. Zom whatever you use, there will always be vulnerabilities.

Just because you don’t hear about WebEx which never seems to work or Teams which seems to never release the mic after a meetingit does not mean they are without problems or vulnerabilities. Remember when Apple said they cannot get viruses? Zoom is just the insgaller target, but they probably deserve a lot of the attention. Nkne: can only use inventory tools like SP inventory or PDQ inventory to do daily or some zoom msi installer version – none: on machines to see what have been “added” to the machines.

I’m not sure what you mean here. With SRP or Applocker, the tools I was talking about, you can completely prevent your users from installing things. You don’t need to play catch up and just find out what’s been added later. It’s not unreasonable to be concerned about other security risks just hour hour: per usage video – data per call usage video call zoom zoom data having it installed, even if you block it from working.

Zoom, Webex, Teamviewer, Citrix Workspace and the ilk instaler install into the users Profile folder – which by default users have access to write to and execute files. This is why I have Applocker rules stating that only Whitelisted apps can be used. In these days of Ransomware, I feel its a must have tool – and zoom msi installer version – none: free!

Instal,er are listed in the link below. I’d start with the domains and see if that works first. You might get carpal tunnel from entering all the IPs All of our users are standard users on Win 10 Pro. I use Spiceworks software insfaller to track software on the end users PCs and I set up an email alert that is set to warn me when new software gets installed on any PC.

If an unwanted program gets installed, I remote into that PC as an admin and remove it, then I send and email to the user to let them know why that software shouldn’t be installed. So far, this process has been very effective, especially since I CC the users supervisor in that email. That’s a decent after the fact method. Personally, I prefer to be proactive, using SRP. This topic has been locked by an administrator and is no longer open for commenting.

To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Hello fellow spiceheads. Does zoom msi installer version – none: know where I can find instructions for deploying software to a system the next time it comes online using SCCM?

I know it’s possible because we were using SCCM to install the antivirus, if it was missing, when systems ca Your daily dose of tech news, in brief. Good morning and welcome to today’s briefing. We have a lot of security news and patches regarding Microsoft Products. We have two good Security Conscious o I have little experience, just some marketing experience and social media video editing. Well known insurance company. Company completed the fir Hi, Having an interesting issue where cersion users Win10 are seeing duplicate printers in their printer list on their PCs.

We zoom msi installer version – none: по ссылке removing some printers that Online Events. Log in Join. Spice 8 Reply SRP, Software restriction policy. However, only admins should be able to install, so if you dont want 3rd party products r a while list, talk to the IT admins and advise them not to install it Spice 6 flag Report.

LittleITguy This person is a verified professional. Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. Honestly, I can’t answer that, but I’m sure Google can. MikeDinIT This person is a verified professional. Spice 2 flag Report. Sandeep Nagar This person is a verified professional. User awareness can play most powerful role in this. DragonsRule This person is a verified professional.

SRP works on Zoom msi installer version – none: or Enterprise. Applocker requires Enterprise. Spice 1 flag Report. MikeDinIT wrote: This is a good business case to push not allowing users to be local admins. Spice 7 flag Report. Homer T. Nacho Cheese This person is a verified professional. IT can only use inventory tools like SP inventory or PDQ inventory to do daily or some scans on machines to see what have been “added” to the machines I’m not sure what you mean here.

If you have a firewall which has split tunneling disabled, you can block the zoom url Spice 1 flag Report. Gareth BPL This person is a verified professional. G Spice 3 flag Report. AppLocker does require an enterprise OS though flag Report. Matt Pawlikowski This person is a verified professional.

I’ve never been prompted to elevate to admin to install Zoom. SRP could block this. Bill This person is a verified professional. It generates weird errors rather than a helpful notice, but it does prevent zpom install. Read these next