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How to get your video on zoom – how to get your video on zoom:. How to Fix It When a Zoom Camera Is Not Working

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For example, you can keep a certain meeting participant’s video on the screen, change video sizes, and hide non-video participants. These options are useful for keeping an ASL interpreter’s video visible and well positioned during a Zoom meeting. By default, Zoom will attempt to switch the main video to the participant that last spoke.

To keep a participant’s video from disappearing, pin it:. Use the appropriate video display mode below to make more room for videos and maximize screen space.

You can add dates here to help you sort them later Description – Tell your viewers more about your video Thumbnail – If you are uploading a large file this may not become immediately available you can skip this step Playlists – You can add your video to playlists if you want to share your content out Audience – Is this video made for kids?

Content that is made for children is protected and must meet certain standards. Click Next in the lower right corner. You can add automated subtitles and decide if the visibility should be Private, Unlisted or Public or do it later see the last step.

When finished click Save. Close the next window if your video is still processing. Not everyone has a studio-quality setup, which might make it uncomfortable. Write to Patrick Lucas Austin at patrick. A young man participates in a video meeting. By Patrick Lucas Austin. You May Also Like. America Needs to Get Back to Facts. Already a print subscriber? Go here to link your subscription. Not all. Being aware of the following video playback options will help you decide which to use and when for best results.

Having all of these options at your disposal will allow you to ensure that your attendees are viewing the best-possible image quality at all times. Some methods will bypass screen sharing all together.

Because the images in the video file are actually still or use quick transitions, there is no need to optimize for video playback even though you are sharing a video file.

We often use this method to share a looped slideshow prior to an event start as participants join. Add a bit of music and everyone knows they are in the right place and properly connected. We often use the Zoom screen sharing advanced features to share a portion of the screen when using this method. This allows us to trim out the play button and frame the video just right in advance of the session. This method also allows you to share without sound if you wish to talk over the video playback.

Remember to disable this option once the video playback is completed as it may cause other content you share to look fuzzy. This is a newer option that Zoom has added in. We find it useful to use when video playback is required for some brief segments during an event.

Results are consistent with this method so that you are confident that your attendees view as intended. Attendees can use the View Options menu to mute the video sound if needed. Close the player window to stop sharing. Using OBS or similar tools comes with a lot of benefit, but some sacrifice. The quality of text appears to be even more adversely affected via this method while the smoothness of the video playback detail is enhanced.



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When you share your screen or content in Zoom, everyone viewing will see a green tab up top indicating that you are sharing the content and it will say your name. Click Next in the lower right corner. More frequently, we hear from clients that want to playback video as a portion or primary content for their events. Not everyone has a studio-quality setup, which might make it uncomfortable. This Zoom meeting video trick, about proper preparation, is really the mother of them all. More from Lifewire. Last Name.