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Jan 31,  · How to join a ZOOM meeting as a participant. Best practice for first time users for web meetings, audio meetings, video meetings, teleconferences, team meeti. Join a meeting by clicking on a Zoom link provided by the meeting host => follow the prompts to download and run Zoom => enter the meeting ID if prompted => click to join the audio conference. When you’re in the meeting, you may click on the Start Video button to start your video. Tanvi Dalwani. Apr 05,  · How Do I Join A Zoom Meeting For The First Time Mobile? Tap Join a Meeting when you have opened the Zoom app. If you receive an invitation or scheduled meeting through an email or calendar, record the Meeting ID. Tap Join Meeting after you have entered the Meeting ID. Tap Allow if the message appears.


– Joining and Participating in a Zoom Meeting


Additionally, Zoom hosts free and interactive live training webinars daily. Live training is great since you can ask questions, but you can also watch recorded training sessions from the same link.

LinkedIn Learning also has a great class on Zoom 45 minutes. Please login with your Bryn Mawr credentials.

A Zoom Pro account is not required to use Zoom, but can be helpful if you host group meetings or act as a TA.

Phone: Email: help brynmawr. Delivered by FeedBurner. Back to Bryn Mawr Main site. Enter this number followed by , and your video and audio will then be synchronized. Back to Zoom Documentation Homepage Raising Your Hand As the non-speaker, if you wish to ask a question or make a point during a meeting, it is good protocol to use the “Raise Hand” functionality.

A window listing other participants will appear. There is also a “Raise Hand” icon, click the icon to make it known to the host that you would like to ask a question or say something. If you wish to lower your hand, click the “Lower Hand” icon that will have replaced the “Raise Hand” icon.

Back to Zoom Documentation Homepage Using Chat You can use the chat functionality to send a text chat to all participants or privately to specific participants.

Click on the chat icon in the tool bar. A chat window will open. The meeting host will either send the meeting link to you or post it within your course in Canvas. When the Zoom app is open and selected, the toolbar will display. Use the controls to complete the following:. Note: Zoom hosts have the option of turning off sharing, chat, and audio controls for meetings. Meeting hosts do not require a separate link to join the meeting. If you are logged into the Zoom app, you will automatically become the meeting host once you join the meeting.

Instructors will rely on recordings if they are unable to deliver synchronous courses through Zoom for any reason. To view a course recording:. If your Zoom meeting was recorded, only the meeting host has the ability to make this content available. To access a recording as the host:. Note: Zoom meetings recorded to the cloud can often take up to several hours to process.

You will receive an email from Zoom with a link to the cloud recording once it’s available. Course instructors may elect to record Zoom classes for educational use by students enrolled in a course. They are provided for use by students in the given course only for the purposes of reviewing past class sessions and are not to be shared beyond that. Tips and Tricks. View Zoom Recordings. Step 1: Prepare Don’t wait until the last minute to make sure you’re prepared for your meeting or class.

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