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How to share a zoom link on instagram. Zoom Meetings


In the below article, we talk about which platform to use for your video content. Note that it took almost two years to get to 5, subscribers, but then the next 5, subscribers took only about a month. It starts really really slowly and most people give up before the turnaround comes. Is Vimeo or YouTube better for posting my accounting firm content?

To give you an example, PF runs a weekly content coaching group called Accelerator, which is private to the members only. We record it, upload it to Vimeo privately, and share the private link only with members. Conversely, when we record a webinar for any accountants, or one of the team records a video we want everyone to be able to watch, we upload it to our PF Vimeo channel and make it publicly available. Then the video which is there on Vimeo we can embed where we like, such as this webinar recording on the Marketing Map page , or this series of webinar recordings on a summary page.

Now that you have your video uploaded either to YouTube or Vimeo or both , you can share it in different ways depending on the platform.

The first question is, do you want to embed the video, or share the link? Remember, once they link away to YouTube or Vimeo or a social account or something else, the chances of their being distracted and forgetting what they came for are very high. Been there myself many a time, and I know you have too. Something like this. Ideally, you want to share your recording on your own website. If you share the video link, people will just share that.

For social media, the way you share the video depends on the platform itself. Each platform has different ways of prioritising videos, different lengths of video you can share, and all kinds of detail. Not just a video link. For all of these platforms, remember to make your post sound human. A good tip is to think about ONE person you know who has asked for this information.

How are they feeling? What are they worried about? You could pull out a specific quote, or at least say who is on the webinar and why. Some of you are running webinars with guest speakers who are in HR or legal, and you could name them, too. Usually Facebook will pull from the video description you filled in when uploading the video title, description, author, length , but you can add more to make it human and real. Twitter : Same as Facebook, but remember the limitations on a Twitter post — no more than characters.

Get to the point really fast. I often suggest you write your Twitter post first, because it forces you to say the bare minimum and not faff about with unnecessary words. LinkedIn : More than any other platform, LinkedIn prioritises native video. This means if you share a post with a link in the original post, only a few people will really see it. Unless you tag lots of people, share it separately, and work really hard at getting it more visible. Remember our points above about making it relevant to ONE person.

Have that one person in your mind, and write like a real human. This has always been true, but now more than ever. No one has time for fancy words. Say what you need to say. Note, you can also write a linkedin article, and embed the video within that article or link to it there. This is useful if you have more to say about it. You are better off putting the link in your bio.

Note, you can edit your Insta bio to include only ONE link, so if you have more than one link to share, use something like Linktree. No coding. Easy to use drag and drop interface designed keeping non-technical users in mind.

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How to share a zoom link on instagram.How and where do I share my Zoom webinar recording?

Importantly, you can share an actual hyperlink within the post—no short URLs or copy and pasting required. U kunt deze pagina in uw moedertaal lezen hier. This way your followers will leave your actual Instagram page, then land on another page that looks just like it—except with the key difference of being able to click the links in the posts. Examples of use include distance meetings, digital office hours, video calls, and remote interviews.