How Zoominfo Got Our Business Information Wrong.

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How does zoominfo get revenue data

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› Home › Growing › Managing a Business. ZoomInfo Technologies Inc. is an American subscription-based software as a service (SaaS) company based in Vancouver, Washington that sells access to its. ZoomInfo creates profiles of business people and companies, which we call “Public Profiles,” from different sources. Once we have collected business.

How does zoominfo get revenue data.

ZoomInfo creates profiles of business people and companies, which we call “Public Profiles,” from different sources. Once we have collected business. It all depends on what one considers as accurate. ZoomInfo put an estimate of the revenue based on multiple other elements like sales volume.


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Users can immediately view company firmographics or contact details and then send them to a CRM or Sales Engagement Platform. Zoominfo is about to formally launch their Engage SEP, which will allow users to set up flows cadences of calls, emails, and social engagement steps.

ZoomInfo does not collect any consumer or credit information. Thus, they have no lifestyle data, political affiliations, donations, income estimates, age, family details, credit histories, personal emails, or housing data. They focus strictly on your professional persona.

The one exception to consumer data collection is mobile phone numbers, which straddle the line between consumer and business information. However, Zoominfo only collects and publishes mobile phone numbers that are used for business purposes, such as those placed on signature blocks or posted on professional event sites. Mobile numbers have been available from DiscoverOrg for several years, but Zoominfo did not collect them. Zoominfo is now collecting them for all contacts.

Mobile numbers are not downloadable for most clients, but exceptions are made if there is a valid use case for mobile dialing. For example, recruiters prefer to call mobile numbers versus direct dials, as mobile calling helps protect the privacy of the individuals being contacted.

Skip to content Michael R. Like this: Like Loading Priority Engine Email Alerts. Hippo Video for Outreach. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Loading Comments But get no response or action yet. A huge amount of various profiles of executives and employees of our client have been uploaded to this website and they are profiteering of it without knowledge or authorization of the companies involved.

Our client has asked us to contact this website and request the profiles removed and yet after a few months they did not take action. The various clients we have that are involved in this incident believe it is unacceptable and are considering Legal Action. We want to file this complaint here in hopes to settle this matter before it moves to court. The trolls who have been attacking me are accusing me of lying because I said that the information on Zoominfo is wrong.

As if I would not know where my business is located! Remember, Zoominfo gets their information using a web scraper and not from business registration documents submitted to the government. Their scraper bot WRONGLY got the information of one of the businesses listed in our Wholesale Directory, Merchandise Suppliers and Dropshippers , which is a directory of businesses that offers products that other businesses can sell.

Specifically, Zoominfo scraped the information of one of the handbag suppliers in our Wholesale Directory:. It is just one of the businesses we have listed in our wholesale directory, just like hundreds of businesses we have in our directory. As for the information on revenues and number of employees, who knows where they got that? The only thing I am sure of is that it is wrong! Are we the only one with a ridiculously inaccurate business listing on Zoominfo?

In fact, one of the recent complaints on the BBB website has the exact same experience as we do — totally wrong and fabricated business information:. Hello, I would like to file a complaint on ZoomInfo and to request that my ZoomInfo profile be removed completely from their web site. I have requested that my information be removed several times over and yet they refuse to remove it, because of their so called policy. Also, the information they posted on my profile is supposedly gathered from public sources, but everything listed is inaccurate!

Not even close. I was a one woman show, so how can I have a staff of 13, and if I had made millions, would it be defunct?