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Security Icon The Security icon in the meeting controls allows the host or co-host of a meeting to enable or disable options during a meeting to secure the meeting and minimize disruption during the meeting. For many of us right now, this scenario sounds all too familiar.

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As a token of appreciation to the users during an extraordinary time, Zoom is removing the minute limit on free accounts for all meetings. University of Oregon students can now hold Zoom meetings for as long as they’d like. On April 14, Information Services upgraded student Zoom.


How to unlimited zoom meeting time – none:.How to Extend Zoom Meeting Time (Step-by-Step Guide + FAQs)


What is the most critical information you have? What is it you want to contribute? Be ready with those points. If you do not have a critical role to play or do not need to present any information, identify exactly what you hope to learn from the call. Participants sometimes jump in to make their point without first listening to or acknowledging what has just been said.

In response, people may repeat or rehash earlier points, as they do not feel heard or understood. All of this slows down the meeting and leads to a disjointed and frustrating conversation.

This dynamic is magnified in a virtual meeting, where people often talk over each other. Active listening can help. Not only does this help the conversation, but it makes it more likely that others will hear what you have to say. People are more likely to listen if they first feel heard. Leading a virtual meeting is hard. Again, your ability to listen will help. I wonder if anyone has any thoughts on why this frustration is happening right now?

By listening first and then connecting the dots, you can help the other participants understand the larger dynamic and guide the conversation in a productive direction. It happens to even the best listeners. They vary on a wide range of aspects, going from capabilities to collaboration possibilities and pricing plans. The usage of online video conferencing tools has skyrocketed in the last few weeks. The easy-to use interface that is fully integrated with other Google Workspace apps like Google Calendar allows people to create and drop in and out of meetings quickly, just by clicking a link.

In response to the coronavirus crisis, on March 3, Google announced that the Enterprise functionalities of Google Meet were temporarily available to all Google Workspace, G Suite customers. All Google Workspace and Google Workspace for Education customers got their hosting cap raised to up to participants per call, were able to record and live stream their video meetings this offer was valid until September 30, Zoom is one of the most used online video conferencing tools right now.

Zoom has also quite a lot of meeting functionalities. But as the usage of Zoom increased in the past few weeks, some serious security problems got exposed. For businesses this security risk is certainly something to take into account when deciding for the ideal video conferencing tool. Microsoft Teams is a video conference solution with several service plans. There are both free and paid plans. Last week, the security of Zoom was clearly an issue.

Intruders have been able to access video meetings that were not password protected. This led to serious privacy concerns, with uninvited attendees harassing online business meetings, for example. Zoom claims to implement end-to-end encryption the most private form of internet communication but in fact Zoom is using its own definition of the term.

The encryption that it uses to protect meetings is TLS. This is different from end-to-end encryption because the Zoom service itself can access the unencrypted video and audio content of Zoom meetings.

Google Meet is more secure than Zoom. However, unlike with Zoom, Google Hangouts Meet video meeting links can be made only available to people within an a business. This is how many of the Google Workspace, formerly G Suite, technologies work. The challenge for enterprises is that this encryption and the corresponding keys is fully controlled by Microsoft, not by the enterprise.

Details about support for end-to-end encryption are vague. Depending on if you need to organise big online company video meetings or just smaller meetings, the allowed amount of people in your video conferencing tool could be a make-or-break point for you. Which tool lets you hang out via video for as long as you like with no time limit? Check it out below:. Google Meet and Microsoft Teams let you hang out for as long as you like, with no time limit.

Recording meetings or any digital video conference can be very useful. The footage you record can be used in a variety of ways: marketing videos, internal presentations, for training purposes etc.

Sharing your screen, so others can see what you are seeing and doing on your screen, is an important feature for business meetings. You can also give real-time demonstrations and demos. Integrations have rapidly become a crucial concern for all online video conferencing tools and collaboration platforms.

While Zoom is a standalone feature, Google Meet is not yet. Google Meet is part of a Google Workspace subscription and includes a bunch of other features and services. Video conferencing with Google Meet is free with your Google Workspace not for Essentials subscription. For a more thorough comparison between all Google Workspace licenses, also check out this blog article. From 20th of July , you will be prompted by Zoom to change the email address the next time you sign in to the other account.

If you experience persistent sign-in errors attempting to sign-in to your University of Edinburgh Zoom account, refer to the “Important – Update to Zoom Sign In” page. For further information, including steps and videos on changing your email address on your other Zoom account, is available on our:.

Important – Update to Zoom Sign In page. With video-conferencing services coming under close scrutiny recently, Information Services has worked closely with Zoom to make available an enterprise version of their service that complies with strict University security and privacy policies.

Meeting hosts must still, however, make sure participants adhere to the following guidelines:. The biggest cause of unwelcome disruption to an online meeting or event is because of sharing the link to join the meeting out on social media platforms. This isn’t unique to just Zoom, it applies to any online meeting platform allowing anyone with the join link an invitation to access the meeting. You must follow these simple steps to avoid unwelcome disruptions zoombombing to your events.

Zoom DPIA. University of Edinburgh Data Protection Policy. Recording privacy statement external collaborators. Recording privacy statement internal — staff and students.

Please also read through the information and guidelines we provide for recording Online and Digital Events:. Guiding Principles – Recording online and digital events. You can also review the University’s privacy notices, which apply when using the Online and Digital Events services:. Student Privacy Notices. Employee Privacy Notices. If you have concerns about security, data protection or privacy in Zoom, please contact IS Helpline. Our Zoom license allows meetings with up to participants.

To have a large audiance event like a webinar with up to audiance, a special license needs to be purchased. To help protect University data and privacy, features have been enabled or disabled by default in the University’s current Zoom release. We now have a central billing procedure in place for purchasing webinar licenses for Zoom.

Non-verbal feedback icons if enabled by the host : Places an icon beside your name to quickly notify the host. Chat Show and hide the chat window. Share Screen Start and stop screen sharing. Record If your instructor is recording the class, you will hear a verbal notice upon joining the session and will see the record button light up with a red dot.

Reactions Click the Reactions button to access emoji options. Once recognized by your instructor, unmute yourself and speak. Lower your hand after you have spoken. Leave Use this button to leave the Zoom session. Active Speaker View In a session with 3 or more participants, this view will switch the large video window between who is speaking. Gallery View This view shows thumbnails of participants in a grid pattern, The grid adjusts as participants join and leave the meeting.

Student Technical Support Student support for educational technology applications is provided by the ITS service desk. Do I need a Zoom account? What kind of account should I get? Is it free? What are the system requirements? How do I test my camera and microphone? Do I need to turn my camera on? Do I need a microphone?

I don’t have my computer available — can I use my phone? If you wish to dial in via telephone you can use these Ontario numbers below. How do I give a presentation in my Zoom class?

Is there a video server for my video recordings?